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I'm Audrey, a multimedia journalist from a rural fishing village in the Ozarks of Arkansas.


My experience in the news industry began at 8 years old when I drew a one page "newspaper" about local occurrences. Not to brag, but the first (and only) issue averaged a readership of 3.5 people.


This childhood love for storytelling has grown into a passion for people and communities wherever I go. Even the smallest stories are significant to the people involved. 

Whether I'm reporting on gun violence in Uvalde, Texas, period poverty in Benoni, South Africa, or refugees in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, my goal is to approach each subject with dignity and compassion. 

In 2021 I was awarded Best Emerging Journalist by the Associated Church Press, and my freelance work for The Associated Press appeared in numerous national publications.

I'd love to connect with you about potential projects or stories. 

Phone: 870.736.0894


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